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Clamp Shorter Type Flexible Shaft Couplings Diameter 16mm Length 21mm

Clamp Shorter Type Flexible Shaft Couplings Diameter 16mm Length 21mm

  • High Light

    Clamp Shorter Flexible Shaft Couplings


    Diameter 16mm Flexible Shaft Couplings


    Length 21mm Flexible Shaft Coupler

  • Table Size
    Maximum Outside Diameter25*Internal Orifice5
  • Body Material
    +-0.01 Mm
  • Internal Orifice
  • Degree Of Parallelism
  • Minimum Scale
  • Item
    Precision Cnc Metal Parts Processing
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    Subject to quotation
  • Packaging Details
    1.Carton box with appropriate paperboard thickness 2.Inside care with bubble wrap or protective foam 3.Double inside care with cushioning materials 4.Strong tape wrapped ouside 5.Other special requirements from client
  • Delivery Time
    3-25WORK DAYS
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    10000 PCS

Clamp Shorter Type Flexible Shaft Couplings Diameter 16mm Length 21mm

coupling stepper motor 5mm 8mm plum shaped clamp shaft coupler for servo motor


flexible coupler clamp shorter type diameter 16mm length 21mm Flexible Couplings


Each hub includes a set screw (unless noted), which bites into your shaft to hold the coupling in place. Also known as SNT® couplings, these three-piece couplings have a spider-shaped cushion between two hubs to reduce shock and handle minor shaft misalignment.

A complete coupling consists of two hubs and one spider, or two hubs, one split spider, and one retaining ring (all components sold separately). Split spiders are easier to install and replace than standard spiders because there’s no need for tools or removing your hubs. Twist-lock them in place using a retaining ring. Stainless steel hubs have excellent corrosion resistance.

Product Item Chinese Supplier Electric Generator Motor Engine Encoder Coupling
Outer Diameter(D) 14-120mm
Bore Diameter(d1~d2) 3-65mm
Torque Range/N.m 1.1-520
Max. Speed/rpm 19000
Mounting Options Set screw, Clamp, Keyway
Material Options Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Application Widely used in various machanical and hydraulic fields

Clamp Shorter Type Flexible Shaft Couplings Diameter 16mm Length 21mm 0

Dimensions ( unit: mm )
Parameter Model CommomD1D2 shaft diameter 0>D L LF LP F M

Wrench Torqe

(N.m )

HS-12xl4.9 3,4,5 12 14.9 7.3 4.9 2.5 M2.5 0.8
HS-16x21 4.5.6,6.35 16 21 10.4 7 3 M2.5 0.8
HS-20*22.1 5,6,6.35,7,8 20 22.1 10.9 8.1 3 M4 2.5
HS-25x27.2 5,6,6.35,8,9,9.525,10,11,12 25 27.2 13.5 11.2 3 M4 2.5
HS-32*33.3 5,6,,,15.16 32 33.3 16.5 13.3 3.4 M4 2.5
Parameter Model Nbs. Rated Torque (N.m), Errors of Eccentricity (mm)* Errors of Angularity O* Errors of Shaft end-play (mm)f Mu.RotatiONl Frequency (rpm) Static Torsional Stiffness (N.m/rad) Moment of Inertia (kg.m,) Bushings material material Surface treatmen mass (g)
HS 12x14.9 0.5 0.6 2 £0.2 12000 9 7.2x10' High strength aluminum alloy PA66 anodic oxidation 4
HS-16x21 0.7 1 2 ±0.2 9000 30 3.1x10’ 10
HS-20x22.1 1.2 1.3 2 ±0.2 6500 47 7.3x10 14
HS-25x27.2 2 1.5 2 ±0.2 5500 85 2.3x10’ 25
HS-32x33.3 4.5 2 2 ±0.2 4500 190 7.4xlOl so
Moment of inertia and mass figures based on the maximun shaft bores

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We will offer a detailed production schedule and send weekly reports with pictures or videos which show the machining progress.


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(1)Material inspection--Check the material surface and roughly dimension.

(2)Production first inspection--To ensure the critical dimension in mass production.

(3)Sampling inspection--Check the quality before sending to the warehouse.

(4)Pre-shipment inspection--100% insp


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