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High Pressure Anodizing Wave Soldering Pallet for Soldering with Max Pressure 50kg

High Pressure Anodizing Wave Soldering Pallet for Soldering with Max Pressure 50kg

Place of Origin:

Shenzhen, China

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Product Description

Product Description:

Wave Soldering Pallet Product Overview

Surface Treatment: Our Wave Soldering Pallet is designed with premium surface treatment - anodizing, providing a smooth and durable finish. This process creates a protective layer on the surface of the pallet, making it resistant to corrosion and wear.

Durability: Our Wave Soldering Pallet is built to last. With high-quality materials and precision manufacturing, it can withstand the demanding environment of wave soldering. This makes it a long-lasting and reliable solution for your production needs.

Heat Resistance: The anodized surface of our Wave Soldering Pallet also makes it highly heat-resistant. It can withstand the high temperatures of the soldering process without warping or deforming, ensuring consistent and precise results.

Thickness: We offer customized thickness options for our Wave Soldering Pallet to meet the specific requirements of your production process. This allows for a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Material: Our Wave Soldering Pallet is made of high-quality aluminum, known for its strength, durability, and lightweight properties. This makes it easy to handle and transport, while also providing excellent structural support for precision parts.

Key Features:
  • Precision parts manufacturing
  • CNC lathe machining
  • Customized thickness options
  • Highly heat-resistant
  • Anodized surface for durability
  • Made of high-quality aluminum

Our Wave Soldering Pallet is the perfect solution for precision parts manufacturing. With CNC lathe machining, we ensure precise and consistent results every time. The anodized surface and customized thickness options make it a durable and heat-resistant choice for your production needs. Made of high-quality aluminum, it provides excellent support for your delicate parts. Trust our Wave Soldering Pallet to improve your production process and deliver high-quality results.



  • Product Name: Wave Soldering Pallet
  • Corrosion Resistance: Yes
  • Size: Customized
  • Heat Resistance: Yes
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Max Temperature: 200℃
  • Precision parts
  • Maching Service Precision
  • Precision parts

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Shape Rectangle
Durability High
Size Customized
Max Pressure 50kg
Max Temperature 200℃
Surface Treatment Anodizing
Material Aluminum
Heat Resistance Yes
Corrosion Resistance Yes
Thickness Customized
Key Features:
Precision parts, Auto Shaft Parts


Wave Soldering Pallet
Model Number: ODM
Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China
Max Pressure: 50kg
Shape: Rectangle
Material: Aluminum
Thickness: Customized
Durability: High

The Wave Soldering Pallet, also known as a PCB Soldering Pallet, is a specialized tool used in the wave soldering process for electronic circuit boards. It is designed to hold and support the circuit board during the wave soldering process, ensuring accurate and efficient soldering of electronic components onto the board.

This product is widely used in electronics manufacturing industries, especially in the production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for various electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and household appliances. The Wave Soldering Pallet is an essential tool in the PCB assembly process, making it an indispensable product for electronics manufacturers.

Application Scene 1: Electronics Manufacturing Factory

In an electronics manufacturing factory, the Wave Soldering Pallet is used in the wave soldering machine to hold and support the PCBs during the soldering process. The pallet is designed with CNC lathe machining technology, ensuring precision and accuracy in its dimensions and shape. The use of high-quality aluminum material also contributes to its durability, making it a reliable tool for repeated use in mass production.

The customized thickness of the pallet allows it to accommodate various sizes of PCBs, making it a versatile tool for different production needs. The maximum pressure of 50kg ensures that the pallet can withstand the weight of the circuit boards and maintain their stability during the wave soldering process.

Application Scene 2: Auto Shaft Parts Manufacturing

The Wave Soldering Pallet can also be used in the manufacturing of precision parts, particularly in the auto shaft industry. The pallet's rectangular shape is suitable for holding and supporting the delicate auto shaft parts during the wave soldering process, ensuring precise and accurate soldering of the parts. The use of high-quality aluminum material also makes it suitable for use in high-temperature environments, ensuring the durability of the pallet.

The precision and accuracy of the Wave Soldering Pallet make it an essential tool in the production of auto shaft parts, where even the slightest error in soldering can affect the performance and safety of the parts. The pallet's ODM model number also indicates that it can be customized according to specific production needs, making it a versatile and efficient tool for auto shaft manufacturers.

In conclusion, the Wave Soldering Pallet is a highly reliable and essential product for the electronics manufacturing and auto shaft industries. Its precision, durability, and versatility make it a valuable tool in the production process, ensuring the efficient and accurate soldering of electronic components and precision parts. With its high-quality materials and customizable features, the Wave Soldering Pallet is a must-have for any production facility seeking to achieve high-quality and precise results.



Wave Soldering Pallet Customization Service

Model Number: ODM

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Max Pressure: 50kg

Durability: High

Thickness: Customized

Surface Treatment: Anodizing

Corrosion Resistance: Yes

At Wave Soldering Pallet, we understand the importance of precision and durability in your production process. That's why we offer a comprehensive customization service for our ODM model pallets, manufactured in Shenzhen, China.

Our pallets are designed to withstand a maximum pressure of 50kg, ensuring they can handle even the most demanding production environments. With high durability, our pallets are built to last, providing you with a reliable solution for your wave soldering needs.

One of the key features of our customization service is the ability to tailor the thickness of the pallet to your specific requirements. This allows for a more precise fit and ensures optimal performance in your production process.

In addition to our customizable thickness, we also offer surface treatment options such as anodizing, which provides a protective layer against corrosion and wear. This ensures that our pallets maintain their high durability and performance even in harsh production environments.

Our pallets are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC lathe machining, ensuring precision and consistency in every part. Our machining service precision is unmatched, allowing for tight tolerances and accurate dimensions.

Whether you need a custom size or a specific surface treatment, our CNC turning capabilities can bring your vision to life. With our expertise and advanced technology, we can provide you with the perfect solution for your wave soldering needs.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Wave Soldering Pallet

Our Wave Soldering Pallet is carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery to our customers. Each pallet is wrapped in protective materials and placed in a sturdy cardboard box. The box is then sealed with heavy-duty tape to prevent any damage during shipping.

Packaging Materials
  • Protective materials (such as bubble wrap or foam)
  • Sturdy cardboard box
  • Heavy-duty tape

Our Wave Soldering Pallet can be shipped to any location worldwide. We use reliable and trusted shipping companies to ensure timely and secure delivery. Customers can choose their preferred shipping method at the time of order placement.

Shipping Options
  • Standard shipping: Delivery within 5-7 business days
  • Expedited shipping: Delivery within 2-3 business days
  • International shipping: Delivery time varies depending on location

Please note that additional shipping fees may apply for international orders. Customers will be notified of any additional fees before shipment.

Thank you for choosing our Wave Soldering Pallet. We strive to provide the best packaging and shipping services for our customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.



  • Q: What is the model number for this product?
    A: The model number for this product is ODM.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
    A: This product is manufactured in Shenzhen, China.
  • Q: What is the purpose of a Wave Soldering Pallet?
    A: A Wave Soldering Pallet is used to hold electronic components in place during the wave soldering process.
  • Q: What materials are used to make this product?
    A: This product is typically made from high temperature resistant materials such as fiberglass or composite materials.
  • Q: Can this product be customized?
    A: Yes, this product can be customized to fit specific sizes and shapes of electronic components.

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